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FLACC Yearbook 

176 pages, 17 x 24 cm, cmyk + 2 Pantones

For FLACC, workplace for visual artists in Genk, Belgium, we made the year report of 2011. 
It's a combination of artist texts and images, scraps and things from a reader we made on the area and also a part of the regions'
local dialect called "Cités". The black and white pages are used for the artists who have worked at FLACC in 2011, such as Scott Conarroe, Renato Nicolodi, Emile Pitoiset and Wim Wauman, amongst others. The purple and red images are used for the reader contributions that we have found on the internet, in libraries and while visiting the place itself. As one says in Cités: "Meh joh, dit is 'n patat van een boek!"


Featured in Fully Booked: Ink on paper from Gestalten publishers.

Designed while at studio Roosje Klap, Amsterdam

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