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Forgotten Women

2018, vector art

Client: Octopus Books

Forgotten Women is a book series written by Zing Tsjeng and published by Octopus Publishing Group in London.
The series is comprised of four books of about women scientistsleaderswriters and artists 
across time and their often overlooked accomplishments.

I illustrated fourteen portraits of these creative women.

Leaders: Queen Amina, Tomyris, Mary Ann McCracken and the Mirabal Sisters

Scientists: Tapputi, Sophie Germain, Lise Meitner and Dorothy Hodgkin

Writers: Rashid Jahan, Radclyffe Hall and Dorothy Todd

Artists: Fahrelnissa Zeid, Sylvia Sleigh and Meta Warrick Fuller

Fahrelnissa Zeid
Rashid Jahan
Queen Amina
Lise Meitner
Sylvia Sleigh
Sophie Germain
Mary Ann McCracken
Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller
Dorothy Hodgkin
Radclyffe Hall
Dorothy Todd
The Mirabal Sisters
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