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Women of Colour

2020 – 2022, watercolour / vector art

This is an ongoing series of portraits of BIPoC women who inspire me. 

Based on photography by:

Toni Morrison: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Maya Angelou: Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Audre Lorde: Audre Lorde Papers, Spelman College

Alice Walker: Open Road Media

Zadie Smith: Dominique Nabokov

Belkis Ayón: Werner Gadliger

Upile Chisala: unknown, info welcome

Faith Ringgold: unknown, info welcome

Bisa Butler: Nonexitfiction, courtesy of the Claire Oliver Gallery

Toni Morrison
Upile Chisala
Faith Ringgold
Maya Angelou
Audre Lorde
Alice Walker
Belkis Ayón
Bisa Butler
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