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About Hélène

Hélène Baum-Owoyele is an afropean visual artist living in Berlin.​ Her artworks and designs have been used in various contexts, from editorial pieces and children’s books to advertising, with clients such as:

The New York Times, Each One Teach One, WePresent, Vox, Science Notes Magazin, Missy Magazine, Google, Eater, Harvard Business Review, WDR, Radcliffe Magazine, Branch, New Statesman, Tate, Psychologie Heute, C40 Cities, Scoop Magazine, Penguin Random House, CFFP, Octopus Publishing Group, The Washington Post's 'The Lily', Familiar Faces, Women Who Do Stuff, Systemic Justice

Featured in: Science Notes c/oCreative Boom, Computer Arts Magazine Issue #276, Freelance WisdomThe Klean (home portrait), The Klean (artist portrait)

"There are no lines
in nature, only areas of colour,
one against another"

The quote from Manet evokes a principle that is strong in Hélène’s life and work. Coming from a diverse cultural background, what defines her universe is a sense of “collage” and "kaleidoscopic identity". She creates vibrant spaces where through humour, magic and idealism, elements from different cultures coexist in peace and where diversity is celebrated.

The colourful images draw inspiration from her environment and personal history but also largely from mythology, black and indigenous cultures, art, textiles, books and nature.




Watercolor Illustration:
Transform Daily Objects into Whimsical Characters

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Contact Me

For more information, collaboration or work
drop me an e-mail at:




contact my agent Alix Byr at:

Berlin: +49 152 08 48 18 98

Paris: +33 6 61 89 62 41

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